Man Builds Plane to Shorten Commute

Honestly I have thought of this. This guy actually did it!

So there ya go, kids. A plane your parents might actually be able to afford.


Where will he land it tho? 😂

It says in a field by the building. If you had to land at an airport it probably wouldn’t save much time. If you don’t have a big field, guess you’d need a helicopter.


Now that is what I call a man devoted to aviation lol. For seven minutes sure but he has his own airplane now! I’d build one just to cut off one minute of my morning drive and that’s one minutes less of swearing and flipping off I’d have to see! Good job to this decent fellow! Maybe I’ll follow in his footsteps.

Those 14 minutes a day really can add up. The only real cost to him is probably the fuel but still you gain more than just those minute with the flying.


As seen on TV!
Perfect for commuting between Long Beach and Anaheim! and also your school literally across the street.


@Maxmustang you can fly to the pub and back with this and never get caught for drink driving.


Ok this is just bizzare (but for another topic). It was also on the website!


Looking at the link, I’m not even gonna read that…

@anon31652286 Well, the link sort of says it all! 😂

This website has weird aviation news on it… Beware!


I i was able to get this for me self. I’ll be able to take off on the street then land in the School field. But I can’t because the FAA will be o to me because of GA aircraft flying constantly around there.

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Who says anything about a landing? Call it: a controlled crash into the parking lot.


Don’t tell anyone that I missed the parking spot and crashed into the door. SHH :)

That looks dangerous self building your own plane.

Let’s hope it’s insured. If it isn’t, RIP. Just make sure the engine doesn’t explode over a busy freeway in New York

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