Man Bites FA Then Jumps Onto Tarmac at KCLT

This fella caused quite a commotion when a flight attendant and a few passengers tried to stop him from opening the main cabin door which allegedly led him to try and bite the flight attendant and exit the plane from an emergency exit door. All my fellow travelers and aircraft workers please keep your head on a swivel. The work of the crew and Tarmac personnel could have very well prevented an even more disastrous incident from occurring. You can’t exactly plan for events as far as when they will occur but you can be prepared and well versed with thorough training and vigilance!

“Train as if your life depends on it, because it does.” -Unknown Firefighter


Thats a bit strange…

Hope that the flight attendant can recover quickly, so he/she can get back in the air!


Pilot- This is American 2 2 4 we have a cannabal on the aircraft requesting police on standby by the runway

ATC- Excuse me?


He can go max. 20 years in prison!

Gotta live a little right??


Why do these news organizations always use outdated photos for their aviation stories?


That’s probably the weirdest airline accident I’ve heard about in a while.
But you know what? Maybe the flight attendant tasted good. Who knows?


I think this man took “living” to a whole new level. Biting, Fighting, Fleeing and well Peeing in a jail cell! Bahahahahaha

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