Man and toddler removed from southwest flight!

I don’t know about you guys but I personally find this absolutely ridiculous. If you read the article the child calms down after some time yet they are still removed from the flight!!! Also note that many kids get upset on flights and it is no reason to remove someone from a flight.

What do you guys think comment below,

I’m fairly dissapointed in Southwest


I thought southwest was a good airline. Definitely not expected this. There are some kids who are upset along the whole flight! This is not done.


They are a good airline, forced removals aren’t that uncommon, it’s just that the news media always picks up on it (since the United incident).


I understand but I feel for a toddler it is not acceptable!

It’s not acceptable, of course not, although I am just saying that this really isn’t anything uncommon, or newsworthy tbh.


Ah ok, understood!!!

Apparently, Southwest has never heard of economy class.


I am disappointed in what has happened, However it does seem like the situation was handled nicely as far as no anger, screaming etc. everyone seemed to have cooperated in the video I saw.


Yes I am happy about that too but still find the decision quite stupid.

I love flying now, but I’m pretty sure I hated being in long cramped flying tubes when I was 2 years old too.

I’m hoping maybe the media didn’t share everything that went down and theres more behind what went down

I would throw up back then XD

But anyways, that was a bad move by the crew members. Crying little children is a normal thing on many flights. It’s just human nature.

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Just gotta love how Southwest made fun of United for kicking the doctor off the plane and then hypocritically kick these passengers off the plane. Wouldn’t call that Transfarency pal. 🙃

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I must say it was handled better than UAL’s situation

@Capt.Zach How is that?

there wasn’t screaming, hollering, drama etc.

Why is everybody always booted off flights these days?

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Southwest is a budget airline. You should expect crying kids on it. If you don’t want little kids and people complaining, go on a real airline.

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Believe it or not, these happens fairly commonly.

Since the incident on United, News outlet shined more light on these incident, so we see more news about them.

A short fit? I’ve had worse. Half of the 3 hour flight was babies crying. On southwest. And not escorted off the plane. And babies were crying befor takeoff.

But bruh…

Good Day, SouthernDude