Malta Air 737 Max 8

🇲🇹 ** Malta Air B737-Max 8** 🇲🇹


Malta Air is owned by Ryanair and was established in 2019. They have many routes across Europe and has a beautiful livery which I would love to see across the skies of Europe 🇪🇺 Hope you’ll spend a vote getting this one in the skies with us!

Correct me if I’m wrong here. Malta air only has 737-Max in their own livery. A Malta air 737-800 would just be the normal Ryanair one.


Yeah I think your right

Okay thank you, the actual 800 variant operates as Ryanair livery

I believe that Ryanair owns Malta Air

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They sure do and they own BUZZ 🐝
Would love to have the MAX aircraft in the sim including this livery.

Unfourtently this will be closed but it looks like a good livery when the MAX comes

Seeing as all posts in #features needs to be mod approved this post will not be closed. also it does not break any rules of the category.

It will all the MAX livery requests got closed but I will 100% vote for this livery when the 737 MAX is confirmed in development… hopefully very soon 🤞🤞🤞🤞


They do but their 737 Max’s fly with their own livery

Thank you that would be great!

Yeah they do

These are all Ryanair max aircraft flying at the moment well the EI-HE reg


I was just commenting that in your description of the airline, you said that “Malta Air is a parent company of Ryanair.”

Oh i’ll fix that whoops