Mallorca Airport Broken

I dont know if anyone has noticed yet but the airport at Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) is totally broken since a few weeks. The complete Terminal C is missing. Its really weird. The airport map is wrong, the ground textures are also wrong. But if you are looking at the map with the spawning positions you can see the correct configuration of the gates/building. Im really sad about this because its one of my favorite Airports and it was everything fine before. Please check!

Hey mate,

I’ve just spawned in and had a look and I don’t see any issues. Are you able to try clearing your scenery cache and restarting your device before spawning back in, to see if that fixes it?

If you’ve already tried that, can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing as it would help.



It was of course a good idea to clear scenery cache after a long time. But unfortunately all your advice did not worked at me. Here are some pictures/screenshots how it looks on my device right now and how it should be looking. And as I have said some weeks ago everything looked like the original.

As you can see here there are some curious ground marks instead of earth surface to represent building. I really dont know why this have changed to that bad condition.

Maybe u need to delete and re install the app

Can you please tell us what version of infinite flight you are running?

@shayaanahmed247 how the airport is looking like at you currently? Can you give a screenshot to compare?

I’ll just stress the fact that reinstalling the app is not a magical remedy that fixes any issue within the app, correlative with it needing to be reinstalled or not. Don’t just delve straight into it as a means of addressing an issue that’s more related to the IFAET airport database.

Leave that as a final resort, not a first choice that’ll constantly bring hassle to whoever that could be suggested to.


Same here, so probably not just your game

The editing team will be notified like @Tsumia said.

@Ecoops123 seems like a job for you ;)

Hi. :)

Significant changes were made to LEPA a couple of months ago, which included the removal of the the cut-out terminal. Nothing is wrong here.


and he’s typing, here he comes, Hello @Ecoops123

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