So I’m headed KJFK>VHHH and 1hr30m until destination i check to see which runway I have to land and approach procedures. Anyways after doing so and going about my business I come back to my ipad 5mins later to see the crash screen and a lot of violations. Like come on. So now im knocked down a level. Can someone help me clear these discrepancies?

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Not sure if you have done so already, but have you reviewed the replay of your flight to see what went wrong.

You might of accidentally disconnected auto pilot when you where checking the map screen as we have all done it before, including myself.

The best bet is to review the replay if you haven’t already, to see what caused your aircraft to crash.

Yes i reviewed it. The plane started to pitch up moments beforw the crash. Then it started to sway from side to side until it nose dived.

It"s trying to recover from stall, swaying side to side plane trying keep nose down but your auto pilot set wrong. If you haven’t left the cockpit and went about your job, you could have saved the plane. :(

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I think he got violation from nose diving in speed.

Unfortunately, it is a pilot’s responsibility to take care of their plane, and violations can only be removed if it is a glitch with the game.

Take this time to review what you did wrong (if anything really), and maybe practice flying some more. You should be back up to your grade within 24 hours-7 days (not sure how many violations/previous grade)

Go to this website:

And share your replay there. A moderator will then look at it and tell you exactly what happened.

Geez thanks community for no help at all. Just give tell me bs really helpful 😁👌🏽

  1. don’t leave your flight unless you KNOW your aircraft is stable.

  2. What speed or Mach and altitude were you at?

  3. Nobody is giving you “bs” here, we cannot help you without information-post your replay or screenshots and we may be able to assist better

  4. If you left your flight and it crashed, it’s like getting out of a car you’re driving while it’s moving-it’s on YOU as the pilot/driver. There is no discrepancy there. Only pilot error.

The thing is violations are only removed under certain circumstances, like a bug happened in the violation system. there’s no exceptions, or else other people would complain that “How come this person got special treatment?!?” So your out of luck. You have do deal with your violations 🤷‍♂️

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What aircraft and what was your load? Your plane was stalling probably because you were going to slow considering your weight.

Violations will only be removed if there is definitive proof it was a system issue. We will not reverse violations where you were not in control of your aircraft, sleeping when it happened, the aircraft stalled and received violations on the way down, or one of the many other reasons. Replays are available to allow you to look back and attempt to see what happened. At this time replays do not show what AP settings were so even a replay would be unable to tell us if AP was turned off or set to something unwanted.

Violations are temporary and we have all had them from time to time. It is just part of the pilot growth process and how we learn.

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