Malév Hungarian Airlines Liverys

so i am seeing more and more liveries released and being worked on for the 21.1 update…
So i wanted to ask something wich would have lots of people very excited and would open up more eastern europe, the adria and north africa.

It would be a Malév Hungarian Airlines livery on the Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300 and the Bombardier CRJ-200.

I hope it could come soon as i think it would really get more people coming into the game and would have more people excitex for the new update!

Thank you and be sure to vote!


Please see the following feature request that we currently have open. You are free comment as you wish on it.

Additionally, you currently do not meet the requirements to post under the #features category. Please wait until you have met the Member trust level rank as you are currently that of a Basic trust level user.

Thank you!