Malev Hungarian Airlines 737 livery

I am proposing the addition of a Malev livery in Infinite Flight. Specifically, the 737-800 variant, as I think it fits the sim best. Malev was the flag carrier of Hungary until it went bust in 2012. Malev liveries have really distinctive blue nose cones and hold lots of aviation history!

More about malev: Malév Hungarian Airlines - Wikipedia

Be sure to flag old requests before making a new one :)

I flagged it for you it should be closed shortly.

Thanks! That was really helpful.

I think this livery would be a great addition, however I am out of votes. The design looks very modern.

I really does, although the design was from the 40s.

Voted! I would love to see this livery. The design with the flag is awesome and minimalistic.

Sounds amazing. My support is here, voted!

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