Male Pilots

Have you ever jumped into IF, started up a flight, gone into the cockpit view and realized, “Hey, I’m not a woman!”

image Pilot of TBM-930

image Pilot of CRJs and DC-10s (good for her getting multiple type ratings

Women only make up about 5.4% of all commercial pilots world-wide, and only about 1% of this community. Thus, for the sake of realism, I request that the next aircraft have a male capitan. We have women in the cockpit of 13 of our 58 aircraft (22%!), and I think it’s time for a change.

(Please don’t get me wrong the TBM is fantastic and the devs did another wonderful job. Like I said, this is all for the sake of realism)

I can understand if you want to be more of what you would resemble, but it is hardly noticeable to me. :)


What if we had the option of switching it? Like if you are a male, then you could change it to a male pilot and if you are female, then change it to a female pilot. Honestly I don’t care, but if you feel strongly about it then there’s another solution.


Or, just suck it up, like women have had to do about many things for thousands of years…


You have to understand the reasoning behind this.
I personally think it’s great that any user can see themselves well represented in this app. I think that the 22% is actually a pretty fair number.
More male pilots will likely come with time. I’m sure IF will keep the number relatively “balanced.” I don’t think it should be too much of an issue, although I can understand wanting to fly as “yourself.”


I just think this is a super controversial topic and really has no importance but I see where you’re coming from. It’s pretty darn important to show respect to people from all walks of life who step into the cockpit everyday no matter their gender, race, or sexuality to show their love for flying, who sacrifice almost everything to get people and things from one side of the earth to the other for almost any reason you can think of. Just my idea


None of which represent flying ability


I like @MrMrMan’s idea. We should be able to choose.

Unfortunately, I am out of votes but I will bookmark this.


Exactly, so then why should we change the look of a static cockpit object, which has no change in flying ability


Gotta agree with you there Dub.
Honestly, I don’t think this is the biggest deal and I couldn’t see it getting implemented anytime soon. No offense.


It doesn’t matter enough to me to spare a vote, but I think a slider would be pretty cool, because I have zero problem with women being represented, in fact I think they should! But it would be nice to show what I actually am…

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I mean sure it’s an idea, but would you rather change a feature you will barely see, or a world class a330


I think that is a really good point!

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Why not both? 😉

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To promote realism. And we should be able to choose between the two. I am a boy/male. I want to be able to fly as a boy in “my own” TBM.

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I think this would be nice. While I’m fine with the current pilots I think having an option to chose between what gender the pilot is would be helpful since I’m not a huge fan of the female pilot model. You have my vote!


What if you had an option?

I was pretty excited to show my wife that Infinite Flight was adding female pilots to their aircraft. Now I’m not too excited to show her the displeasures of some folks finding female pilots in a simulator a nuisance.

I believe your displeasure for females has surfaced again.

I’m saddened 😢


I honestly don’t care about the gender of the pilot. Boy, Girl, whatever. They’re just a 3D model in a Flight Sim.


People sometimes like to be themselves (gender wise) flying in IF also they can feel like it’s them.