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It’s not a sexist thing, but I really don’t like hearing a woman’s voice on the ATC. I mean, in real life most ATCs are men, and I think it would sound better with a male ATC on IF. Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.


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Lol. You would be surprised how many women are in the atc field.

2 in dfw on approach
1 in Newark
1 in JFK
2 in Chicago ( one of them is pretty hot lol)

Theses are just the ones I found this week.

Personally I prefer female ATCs partially because of their voice(sounds pleasant on the radio), most are lot more patient(in some cases smarter than the male counterpart), they definitely more flexible and don’t pop an attitude over the radio( listen to JFK, lga ewr sometime.


If you are requesting a male voice be added, the voice is just your devices text-to-speech voice. If you can set it in the settings for your phone/tablet, it will be used (Google how to change it).


Doesn’t it change when you change your Siri voice to male? I haven’t tried it but give it a shot.


Let’s stay on topic please :)


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i prefer woman atc and man pilots


I personally don’t care what gender the ATC or Pilots are, I think it would be more important to differentiate between the pilot and ATC’s voices.


There used to be a lovely female ATC at Shoreham EGKA, was funny how the guys respected her authority ;)


I don’t mind any voices.


I personally prefer my ATC to sound more like Chewbacca. I like that Jedi experience.


Change siri’s voice to a mans in your settings


It was supposed to be put in features, but for some reason I can’t put it in that section.


That’s because you haven’t been around here long enough and it’s not a feature request because Siri is the voice change it in your phones settings


Yeah I realized… I guess I should delete this post.


You can’t delete it but it will be good reference for future users


Agree with @Talkingribzz, be a BIG help to have different voices between aircraft and ATC, one male one female.

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