Male ATC Voice Not Working

I have read this tutorial:

But the female one keeps on playing in IF
Would it be possible if you guys can show me how to make it the Male Siri Voice?

Latest IF update
iOS 11.0.2 beta
iPad Pro 10.5”
Restarted IF and device

I personally use '‘Tom Siri voice’'
Feel natural the way he speaks…


I heard his but I didn’t like it though…

Yep I have the same problem!

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I really like the new voice of Female Siri in iOS11, but I can’t use her in the game… if you know what I mean

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It could be because your on a beta.
Why are you even on the beta? The full version of iOS 11 was out a couple of months ago. We’re on 11.2.2 now.

I’m a developer for an app, so I can use beta for free…

It’s because it’s considered a “default” voice. If you choose one of the other male voices, it should work just fine. Report back your findings 🙂

I know. What I’m saying is that you’re on an old beta.

The other male voices work fine. I will just use those instead. ( wish this one worked though… )
Thanks!!! 😀

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I do not think it would matter because the tutorial said you can use iOS 10 above

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