Maldivian Airbus A320-200

Hi all! Hope you’re well!

Recently, I have discovered a new livery that I think would fit IF perfectly. I’ve found this livery which caught my eye definitely. It is the Maldivian A320-200. Why would I think this would be a good addition? Well, the Maldives is such an underrepresented region in the IF world that makes me think: why does no one fly there? It’s so barren! This livery will, of course, bring more routes from the Maldives and expose it to the community that was blinded by other sceneries. It may not be the landscape, but it would be the sea and the islands within them. Let’s make the Maldives great!


About Maldivian:

That is a very nice livery especially with the dolphin. Also don’t forget to vote for your own request! 😃

I don’t have a spare vote, I wish.

So beautiful with the colors… Reminds me of Alaska Airlines a bit.

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It does, but this existed years before Alaska got their livery :)

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I wish I had votes because I really love this livery!

Bumping my oldest feature request!

The Maldives are a beautiful place!

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This would be pretty cool in IF, I’ve never flown around the Maldives before, will have to give it a visit!

We definitely need this, we need an aircraft based in the beautiful airport of Male!

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This would be pretty useful now :)

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Bump! With more additional liveries expected to come in 21.1, we can even have this beautiful livery! The first livery from Maldives in Infinite Flight. Let’s get more votes guys.

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With more livery #WIP for the A320 being revealed more and more, my hopes are definitely increasing for this livery as well! A beautiful and yet a diverse livery. Fingers crossed. Let’s get more votes and boost this! ;)

bump. this is such a beautiful livery!

I think this livery would be amazing to have in the sim!

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Bumping this, we need this amazing livery in the game!

bumping this. hopefully it gets added soon.

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Bump. We need this. Such a beautiful livery