Maldivian A321

Credits: Jetphotos/Shadman Al Samee

Basic Information

Callsign: Island Aviation
Founded: 2000
Website: Maldivian

About Maldivian

Maldivian is the national airline of the Maldives. Maldivian was previously known as Island Aviation Services and it got re-branded as Maldivian on 25th August 2008. Maldivian is owned 100% by the government of Maldives. Maldivian operates a ground fleet of Airbus A320, A321, Dash 8 Q300 and Q200. The main hub of Maldivian is Velana International Airport. The airline serves 36 destinations and is growing rapidly.

Why we need the livery

Currently in Infinite Flight we have not had a single livery of an airline based in Maldives. The addition of this livery for the A321 would definitely increase the diversity (something which the devs and the community wants) and open the roads to many routes in Infinite Flight. This livery would ideally be used for routes in Maldives, Srilanka, India, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia and Singapore. However, it can be used all over the world just like any other in Infinite Flight. The addition of this livery will allow/encourage more users to fly out of Maldives and will increase traffic within the Asia/Middle Eastern region!

This is definitely a beautiful livery and should be added to Infinite Flight as soon as possible. Please spare a vote for this feature so this stunning livery would be in the simulator soon!

If you are unable to vote for this currently as u don’t have free votes, don’t forget to vote once a vote is freed.

Share your thoughts on this livery below!

Bumping this. This would be a great addition to add to the A321! Opens more routes from Maldives to Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Srilanka, China.

Hopefully it’s considered!


Bump! We need this or the A320 livery so that Maldives gets a chance to shine in Infinite Flight as well! fingers crossed

That dolphin is so beautiful! Awesome livery! Voted! :)

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It surely is!

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That’s a great livery!! I would love to fly that! Hope it comes to IF soon

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It sure hope it comes, maybe even with the a320. 🙏🙏


Yes Indeed! Hopefully it will come in the near future possibly. :)

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Don’t have a vote to spare but I’ll give it a bump!