Maldives to Mumbai New Video!

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excuse my take off XD


Ouch, that take off…

Nice background music. The Maldives are absolutely fantastic!


yeah dont know what happened on that take off but oh well :)

Excuse my ocd but you forgot to switch off your strobe and landing lights after you cleared the runway. Nice landing.

yeah i realised once i finished my recording :/

Do they use 787 irl for this flight because dont they have a 777?

i dont think air india flies direct to maldives from mumbai, this was a fictional flight which I have done

@PhoTheBowlOfNoodles Air India uses the 777 mostly for flights to US. The 787 for Asia Pacific, Europe, etc. They fly the A320 to Male.

You can check out the flight schedule here.

Nice video! Thanks for sharing it with us 👌

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Great flight with the 788!

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Great video!

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thanks, check out my other videos, It’ll help out a lot!

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thanks, check my other videos, it’ll help out a lot!

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Thanks so much! :D

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