Maldives Region

The Maldives is an archipelago of lagoons situated in the Indian Ocean. I think it would make for an excellent region.

The main airport would be Malé Intl. This would be where all you jets are.

There are hundreds of other airports, several of which are seaports. This would go well with Seaplanes.
The region would not be ideal for jets as the only airport they could use is Malé, but it is perfect for smaller planes, which are a necessity.

The archipelago’s islands are all low lying, and many of the airports’ runways cut out into the turquoise sea.

Criticism of the idea is fine.


How many landing strips are there? There’s a ton of aviation associated with the islands but those are seaplanes shuttling locals and tourists between resorts/attractions/Male. AFAIK seaplanes aren’t in the works to begin with.

Love the idea though-Island hopping!

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Flew into Male as a stop over once, absolutely stunning approach, nothing quite like it.

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From the List of airports in the Maldives - (Wikipedia), I found there are four international airports and seven commercial airports. There are obviously some non-commercial paved airstrips. The rest are all seaplane ports.

I support this idea and hope it to be implemeted in the future, because actual devices don’t have enough RAM so as to make justice to such beautiful islands.

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Max is gonna love this :)

Please don’t reply to threads this old… Plus we don’t even need this region, it’s already covered in Global :)

This can be closed now the release of global has impacted the moon’s surface! ;)

Maldives is there! Close this topic out!