Maldives is underrated in IF :(

What I have noticed for the whole 6 years I’ve been playing IF, Maldives is highly underrated. Zero airlines from Maldives added. The airports aren’t reworked even after irl it has been finished for 3 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I just think that this region also needs to be recognised. Also the feature requests for Maldivian Airlines barelt get any attention, most probably due to many wanting famous liveries. I think the highest a vote for a Maldivian Airline has been 8 votes. I hope everyone reading this takes it in a positive way. Hopefully very soon, we’ll see the Maldives being recognised in Infinite Flight. I’m not saying Maldives is the only one which is unrecognised. To name a few there is Fiji, Central Africa, Bangladesh, Madagascar etc… Hope this review will be taken into consideration! :)


Hey Nawf. About the liveries, we can’t do nothing about it, maybe if the A330 wins the rework the Maldivian livery might come. Also, the IFAET team is aware that Velana Airport hasn’t recieved the rework, and that happens because the imagery doesn’t have the updated runway.

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(off topic) there only reworking the -300 the Airline has the -200 so might as well say the livery will come on the a320 family


Anything outside of Europe/North America/Australia/North-East Asia is, that’s just the way fanbase knows geography and airlines.

They don’t have much airlines to be honest, and if you look at the fleets, only 1 of them has aircraft that is present in IF’s fleet.

IFAET is people driven, and people mostly redo the airports they desire, which is usually airports in their country or big international airports.

I’d bet we’ll get some with the eventual addition of ATR. IF kinda needs to balance between famous liveries and livery diversity, so ATR will probably bring a lot of underrated ones because there won’t be a possibility to slap 3 american airlines liveries and call it a day :)
Love you devs, just a little jokey


2 actually


About the Maldivian A330, I don’t think they are gonna add it because it’s just an order currently and even if it wasn’t they’d prefer to add the ones which they’d like and the ones with more votes sadly. Also Velana airport’s runway is updated, just a small section of the ramp is not updated yet. It’s not only VIA. Maafaru International Airport is also there which has a satellite imagery but it’s not yet added. We need more appreciation to the small countries!

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Thank you for reading my reply. I know Maldivian has A320 and A321, coincidentally the number 1 is referring to the number of airlines with them and not aircraft.

That’s the thing. If there’s only 1 livery it would be much easier for them to add it. It’s for the A321 and A320. They could atleast add it to one variant so it is usable. And regarding IFAET they normally do their own airports and famous Airports just as you said. That being said I think the IFAET management team should push updates if it goes unnoticed for too long. Otherwise, the smaller and unrecognised airport’s will be left out.

So I hope these views are taken into consideration by the IF devs. Not only about Maldives, but about all the unrecognised Airports in IF.

More views regarding this is appreciated and keep them coming. ;)

People there are volunteers, requiring them to do airports will just scare away people

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I didn’t mean it like that. Not forcing! Reminders to update other airports than their usual ones so everything is treated equally.

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And if we are gonna go by votes, I don’t think any livery from Maldives will ever be added to the simulator. :/ I am really hoping the liveries for the A321 or A320 comes atleast by mid 2021… High hopes but don’t feel it’ll happen soon… Also with HD drone images of the Ramps taken straight above will it be possible to update airports?

If it is possible with HD drone pictures taken straight above I can help them speed up the process. I guess if Google is gonna be slow then I’d have to take things up my hand. 🤣

I don’t think you’ll be winning friends around the airport by flying a drone overhead… remember Gatwick a few years ago?


This might just be my opinion but a few asian VAs/VOs feature a lot of routes to/from maldives, like AIVA generally has quite a few people flying to maldives wether it be for events, special routes or just in general

I personally like the 772 austrian airways route from Vienna in the alps to Maldives in the ocean…

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what happened :u

I agree, Im hoping for a Biman Bangladesh livery and Trans air Congo Liveries!

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Haha definitely I will not be doing that. Maldives Airport company limited takes regular drone shots of the airport area every 6 months and they publicise it.