Malaysian Experimental Airbus Super Say Sorry

Im sorry ATC guys of Region London on ATC Playground I was flying on your active airspace at around 22:15 London time was experimenting if I could reach EGLL at bulleyes’, from Singapore & KL Region. So I cannot respond to any of you. Im sorry again…


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You didn’t have to create a topic just to say sorry, lol. As long as you were on the playground and not the advanced server you are fine. Some of the playground controllers don’t know how to properly be atc and I have even gotten contact messages from approach when I was on the ground!


Yea and some do its not fine it’s bull go to the free server

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The freeserver always higher usage Im afraid it got me disconnected somewhere around the flight, which had happening before, is it the server or its just me maybe my ipad mini 1 is showing its age already. Im sorry again. And thanks for coming forward. Appreciate it most.

Thx Mason, but ppl may get annoyed anyway & its not a good environment. I think all of us here is just like a big family of IF pilots & ATCs. Have a nice day bro!

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@mrkehm I saw you on my radar. I was doing Ground/Tower at Birmingham at that time.

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Yup… I cant respond to anything as i was an “outsider” at that time.

Playground server meant to give you some experience and taste of ATC, before you become serious player. Free server is to do whatever you wanna do. So I think he done right thing apologising to fellow players who wants to learn. every controllers will learn from mistakes, nobody here jumped out of sky to do ATC. Stop giving wrong information about playground server. It’s stepping stone. Don’t forget.

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I wasn’t giving wrong info I was just telling the guy that it is ok that he flew his plane over the other region.

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Gatwickguy, friendly note, take it easy on people bro! :D

Mason pls dont be offended okay btw Gatwickguy is just being who he is. I was offended myself before but nahh, that kinda feeling wouldnt take us anywhere. I took it on the brighter side & im okay. Aint it Gatwickguy? ;)

I got a contact San Francisco tower last night in the southern California/KLAX region.

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And what to call on this one. Miracle? Rare event? Lol. I think maybe, just maybe, the devs are indeed trying to merge everything into a whole world. 😉

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When I’m ATC in the London region I can look across the English Channel and see the people flying in Amsterdam and in Paris on my radar. They are so close together I go with the idea that they should become a megaregion.

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Really? I didn’t know this was possible. In my experience, there aren’t many people on the live servers in Amsterdam region, mostly because there’s never any ATC there …they are all in SoCal or San Fran.

I have no idea how this game is programmed, but a short loading time from region to region, should it be connected, would be acceptable. Say you hop from Heathrow to Köln Bonn. Whenever you leave the UK region for Amsterdam, you could be automatically transferred from one to the next, while the app loads the new region and dumps the old from memory.

All the devs have to do to combine the region is to put the parts of the English Channel in and then we have a combined region.

I wasn’t offending anyone, I just wanna point out what playground server stand for at the moment(learn, get experience) that’s all. And I seen senior controllers who still love to help the incoming ATC. I didn’t think it’s fare to call playground controllers are bad. I might sound strong character but I got nothing against you @masonh2479, you are cool dude, I would have given this reply to anyone. And Mostly I only reply to the person I like, and they understand me, nothing serious.


@masonh2479 See I told ya bro mason he is just being him… 200% none impersonator this guy I think that makes him cool. 😎👍🏻

Ok that’s cool. I have nothing against the playground controllers in general. Only some are bad apples but I see your point! Good day and safe flying!