Malaysian Airlines grounds 777 Fleet

What do you think?


Why’d they ground them all? Is it cause of MH370 and MH17?

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You can read it…probably because they will go bankrupt soon…I think…

They lost a lot of money and customers after the MH370 / MH17 crashes and have said to become bankrupt soon … That’s probably why they are starting to downsize their planes till one day , the company vanishes


I didn’t know they were going bankrupt, that explains it now. Thank you!

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I’m surprised that they’re grounding the 777 fleet. I know the two incidents involving the 777 effected the airline negatively, but I wasn’t expecting this

I like the mh370 reference there. Nicely done.


Grounded is too strong of a word. They were retired. They were not forcibly restricted to the ground.

One was an accident and the other aircraft was shot down by Ukranian separatist. The 777 hasn´t been involved in lots of accidents, so I don´t know why they´re grounding their versions.

Bad publicity.

CNN has said MH 777-200 and put too many photos online that they have gotten enough publicity.

And that shows that media people aren´t very bright when it comes to aviation.

I really don’t think they need to do that until the company dies unless customer numbers are down. This makes me sad though.

I wonder who will replace them as the flag carrier if they go bust?

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No one? Might be like America

You think so? Anyway, I thought AA was the US of A’s flag carrier. Malaysian is also the only major-major carrier for the country.