Malaysian A380


Please refrain from telling / guessing / wondering or anything regarding my position and airline I work for. If this happens I am forced to remove my post and not to share any more pictures.

Also I can not take any request for pictures.


Epic! Great and beautiful picture! I always aspire to take your job. :P

Why cant you tell us

It’s not recommended by his airline to do so. And he probably doesnt like it too

Please refrain from WONDERING…


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They are planning on selling it…

They won’t to sell 2 and they will keep 4.

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Even if MH wants to dispose of some A380s, who would buy them. Two possible candidates, TK and JJ decided not to. The UA rumors are false. PIA is looking into 747-8s according to rumors.

The ex-Skymark frames are still sitting unused and Airbus would likely want to sell away those new frames soon.

EK still has a ton on order and all the other operators either have enough or want a more efficient version.

Even if MH wanted to dispose of all of them, they would have a hard time doing so.

I read that’s why they want to keep 4, so they can keep the daily CDG + LHR flight. Might be on can’t remember :(

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I know they want to keep some but I forget the number. CDG and LHR seem viable from KUL though so they could keep 3-4 for those operations.

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To quote Smisek (UA’s CEO):

“That [A380] is a product for state-subsidized airlines, or airlines that have it and wish they didn’t”

747-8 has no future as a pax airliner anymore, except for nostalgia. A380 is placed slightly higher in capacity so that airlines can buy the airplane for not much more money and get a ton of more seats. A380 has more range and is more fuel efficient so it is smarter to purchase an A380 over a 748. The cargo market is gradually improving so the 747-8’s only future is in the cargo market. Boeing’s only challenge now is to keep the line open long enough so that Boeing can rattle off a couple more frames before calling it quits.

Now I don’t want to hijack this thread. Terrific picture Aeronaut. I can only dream of getting that kind of photo :heart_eyes:.

Not taking any request, I have my reasons. Hope you can enjoy this time without any further comments :)