Malaysia MH370 Missing Aircraft Search Pauses

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As The Search for Malaysia MH370 Continues!:


Background On The New Search:

The Malaysian Government officially announced a “no find no fee” meaning you don’t find our aircraft you don’t get payed"… The search was issued by private US based tech companies to find the missing aircraft. The basic way it works is a company , “Ocean Infinity” will only receive the payment if the company is successful in finding parts of the aircrafts! Malaysia really wants this mystery solved and they are hiring every available private company , as this isn’t a US Government funded search. Australia and Malaysia wil be leading the search and the more the companies find, the more they get payed. The government is issuing a 90 day search for the aircraft! If it is not found by then, the search will disband… Money is starting to get rolling in to find the aircraft. The Malaysian Flight 370 is said to be found near Australia.

Who is MH370: Malaysia Flight 370 was a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared over the Indian Ocean… No real evidence explained what happen until they found some parts of the plane… The aircraft is trying to be found as it lays in the ocean.

Technology that will be used: Australia and Malaysian Navy are going to use underwater drones and many tech devices to find the aircraft. As Malaysia hired many private companies the companies are planning on using their technology to further find the aircrafts…he drones – Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) – do not need to be towed by surface ships, as was the case with previous searches, which, according to Ocean Infinity, makes their search capabilities more effective.The technology will cover more then 10,000 km of ocean and are destined to find the aircraft! Radars, sensors and camera’s will also be used to find the aircraft as in the air :)

Countries In The Search: So far there are three that were listed:

  • United States Of America (USA)
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
    …The United States agreed to reopen their search but Malaysian Officials say the deal is not yet finalized!

The amount of money rewarded if the aircraft is found:

The reward was announced of up to 70 million dollar reward if the wreckage from Malaysia Flight 370 is found in the 90 day period. Many companies including the Ocean Infinity is to believed “specializing in collecting high resolution geophysical seabed data”.

One Specific Company Destined To Find The Aircraft: Ocean Infinity a company in the US, is destined to find the aircrafts in the North and South Indian Ocean. They are already planning out the Vessel : Seabed Constructor, which includes a 65 man crew." The company said it will use up to eight “free flying” autonomous underwater vehicles capable of untethered search operations, allowing it “to go deeper and collect higher quality data,”

My Review On The Topic:

  • I am excited for whats to come with the aircraft. As only 3 months were issued, this gives companies not so much time for planning rather then searching… As the search was discontinued last year, the companies are hoping to find the aircraft this year. In my opinion, they need to extend the amount of time given to find the aircraft. I do wish the best of luck on the crew members and companies to find the missing aircraft and I do hope the search will conclude in a final conclusion, my name is Ryan, this is simple aviation, have a great new year…

If you have anything to add, please do so and let me know what you think, signing out, Ryan


Well this is interesting… I really do hope they find the aircraft, it would help a lot of families struggling to shut the door on their lost ones for good.


Hopefully they find her this time. Maybe some new details along with it.


Another great topic!

Personally I hope that they find it as this issue is unknown… We still dont even know if it definitely crashed [Other then some wreckage]


I am cautiously optimistic, I really feel whatever happened in the flight deck before that faithful turn at the Igari waypoint will forever remain a mystery…

Apparently a realistic prospect, anyone else got the official report over a fire ready to burn it?


“under a deal struck with the Malaysian Government, US-based Ocean Infinity will not receive any compensation unless it finds the wreckage of the plane within 90 days.”

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Flight MH370 is a big mystery to Asia, United States, Austrailia, and even the whole world! If it gets found, we will have enough information as to what happened on the flight deck. Some speculate that the captain of the flight, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was the cause of the crash because on the day before the crash, he flew a suicide route on his home flight simulator. Some speculate that there were terrorist attacks on the flight after the transponder was switched off. The terrorists told the pilots to turn the plane toward another course, which is why the plane became missing. Others speculate that there was an in-flight fire where the transponder is supposed to be. It also could have burned and damaged the ACARs, hence the missing flight.

The only way we can get a true, solid answer is if we find the aircraft itself.


this is good, i am so happy.
i hope none of this was intentional by Captain Shah and the simulator flight plan was a coincidence.
Do you think if this is found the Black box CVR is still intact?

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also if there was a fire when the plane turned it should not have kept flying that long after the transponder turned off.
Don’t you think?

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~1200 square kilometers a day.

I think I heard something about making that twelve (12) of them…

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Yes one drone can cover 1200 KM a day and as far as I heard only 8 :)

An in-flight fire would not explain why you make a left turn and continue flying for several hours… This theory is one of the less likely, in my opinion.

No no, all of them cover totally 1200 square kilometers a day, not one. ;)

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Lol… One can cover 1200KM a day. All of em cover the same amount.

There was record of the aircrafts flight path 10 minutes before it “crashed”… I can send it ! It’s a bunch of circular movements so I believe a fire would be a theory

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The plane could have caught on fire, the plane may have turned and done a turn, but then it would have had a flash fire and crashed, not flown for 7 hours along a similar path the captain took

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yes please send the record of the path please.

Wow, nearly 4 years since the aircraft has gone missing, and they haven’t found it yet. It’s probably because at the start of the search they looked at the wrong area.

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Wow very interesting, it would be such a relief for the families of the victims of MH370 if the wreckage is found



I’m not sure you guys realise, the plane crashed here, it didn’t crash over the asia area. If it crashed there, then it may be a fire, but it flew for 7 hours, no fire