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Welcome to Malaysia Airlines Virtual!

Selamat Datang!

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We are Malaysia Airlines Virtual, a virtual airline for the leading mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight, We fly guests daily on memorable journeys inspired by Malaysia’s diverse richness and embodie the incredible diversity of Malaysia, capturing its rich traditions, cultures, cuisines and warm hospitality on board, while opening up more of Malaysia’s destinations than any other airline.

We operate based on the real world airline, and we want to bring you the Malaysian Hospitality, through our virtual airline. With over 50 destinations and 110 routes, we are always flying the Malaysian flag. We started off in 2018 as a small group of friends that play Infinite Flight actively, communicating just through WhatsApp.

Soon, as more and more people joined Infinite Flight, we found ourselves with over 20 members in our chat group. We found that we should start to take things to a new level. That was how Malaysia Airlines Virtual, with a simple aim, to help and connect fellow players from all around the world with each other to experience Malaysia, was born.

Here at Malaysia Airlines Virtual, our staff are dedicated to doing what they love. When you join the family, they are there to help. They are working hard behind the scenes to provide members with a fulfilling and fun time at Malaysia Airlines Virtual.

Position IFC Username
Chief Executive Officer @TheAviationGallery
Chief Operations Officer @sebbieee
Head of Operations @OTO
Human Resource Manager @et_han
Events Manager @MilkTea
Pilot Report Manager @Captain_Jingran
Chief Pilot @Eden_Tan

Malaysia Airlines Virtual has a wide and unique route network. From Asia to Europe, you’ll never get tired of flying with us. Every week, we will have a “Route Of The Week” schedule, which tells you which route is featured on what day. By flying these routes, you will be able to obtain a 1.5x multiplier for these routes, which will enable you to rank up faster!

​Featured routes will follow the IFATC schedule of that specific week whenever possible.

Click here to access our route database.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Kuala Lumpur International Airport is Malaysia’s main international airport and one of the major airports in Southeast Asia and worldwide. It houses luxury lounges, a wide variety of restaurants, children’s play areas and duty-free stores.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport
Kota Kinabalu International Airport is a airport serving Kota Kinabalu, and it is the second busiest airport in Malaysia. The airport is the main gateway to the state of Sabah and to Borneo Island, and also offers all the conveniences of a modern airport, including a variety of shopping and dining options.

Kuching International Airport
Kuching International Airport is a airport serving Kuching, and it is the fourth busiest airport in Malaysia. Ten kilometres south of Kuching, it serves as both an entryway and jumping off point to explore the state. The airport boasts a nice and sleek interior, which was inspired by Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Our fleet consists of many aircraft, from the Boeing 737-800 to the Airbus A380-800. Take a look at our fleet below!

Boeing 737-800

The Boeing 737-800 is a stretched version of the 737-700. It replaced the 737-400. The Boeing 737-800 competes primarily with the Airbus A320. A 737-800 seats 162 passengers in a two-class layout or 189 passengers in a one-class layout. The 737-800 features a redesigned wing with a wider wingspan and larger area, greater fuel capacity, and higher MTOWs. It was equipped with CFM56-7 series engines, a glass cockpit, and features upgraded and redesigned interior configurations. It has a longer range and larger variants than its predecessor. This makes the perfect aircraft for our short and medium hauls!

At Malaysia Airlines Virtual, we have 48 Boeing 737-800 in our fleet, which seats 160 passengers, 144 in Economy and 16 in Business.

Airbus A330-300

Serving the biggest megacities and smallest dream islands alike, Airbus’ A330-300 continues to please passengers and airlines around the world. As a twin-engine twin-aisle wide-body that can carry from 250 to 440 passengers, it is flexible enough to offer a range of seating options while consistently delivering high-quality comfort to all those on board. Its cabin also is one of the quietest in the skies, creating a calm environment for an entire flight.

At Malaysia Airlines Virtual, we have 15 Airbus A330-300s in our fleet, which seats 290 passengers, 247 in Economy, 16 in Extra Legroom Economy and 27 in Business.

*Infinite Flight currently does not have a Malaysia Airlines livery for the A330-300. Thus, we are using the Generic version.
*All flights operated by the & A330-200 & A330-200F will be subbed with the A330-300

Airbus A350-900

The A350-900 is the cornerstone member of Airbus’ all-new A350 XWB Family, which is shaping the future air travel. This jetliner accommodates between 300 and 350 passengers in a standard three-class configuration and its state-of-the-art comfort and amenities ensure that everyone on-board enjoys a pleasant flight. As with all A350 XWB models, its fuselage is built with carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) – which supports lower fuel burn, easier maintenance and increased resistance to corrosion.

At Malaysia Airlines Virtual, we have 6 Airbus A350-900s in our fleet, which seats 286 passengers, 220 in Economy, 27 in Extra Legroom Economy, 35 in Business and 4 in Business Suite.

Airbus A380-800

Greener, cleaner, quieter and smarter, the A380 is setting a new standard for the global aviation industry with its superior efficiency, profitability and operational effectiveness. Not only is it setting new passenger comfort standards, the A380 also is raising the bar for environmental standards with its low fuel consumption and noise levels – as well as reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. The A380 is a modern icon that has flown over 500,000 revenue flights carrying over 190 million passengers.

​At Malaysia Airlines Virtual, we have 6 Airbus A380s in our fleet, which seats 486 passengers, 412 in economy, 66 in business, and 8 in business suite.

Airbus A330-200

Infinite Flight currently does not have the A330-200. Thus, all routes flown by the A330-200 will be subbed with our A330-300.

Airbus A330-200F

Infinite Flight currently does not have the Generic/Malaysia Airlines livery for the A330-200F. Thus, all routes flown by the A330-200F will be subbed with our A330-300.

Our historic fleet includes the Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-200ER and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. These aircraft may be used when we want to recreate historic flights!

While pilots fly our wide range of routes and aircraft, we also have a exciting ranking system in place. As you climb up ranks, you will be able to fly more routes and aircraft, as well as gain access to exclusive benefits.

We will be adding more benefits, such as codeshare routes in the coming weeks! Stay tuned.

Rank Requirements Benefits Codeshares
Enrich Trainee Passed test with at least a 80% accuracy. Unlocked Boeing 737-800, all routes flown by the Boeing 737-800. N/A
Enrich Second Officer 10 Hours of Flight Time Unlocked Airbus A330-200/300, all routes flown by the Airbus A330-200/300 (A330-300 acting as A330-200). Singapore Virtual Airlines
Enrich First Officer 50 Hours of Flight Time Unlocked maskargo A330-200F, all cargo routes, access to our exclusive Enrich Business Lounge. Cathay Pacific Virtual
Enrich Captain 150 Hours of Flight Time Unlocked Airbus A350-900, all routes flown by the Airbus A350-900, priority in all events N/A
Enrich Senior Captain 300 Hours of Flight Time Unlocked Airbus A380-800, all routes flown by the Airbus A380-800, earn bonus flight time for every flight flown, access to Enrich First Lounge, early access to many new things coming to Malaysia Airlines Virtual. N/A

A Virtual Airline is never complete without events! We conduct multiple events every week. We also partner up with multiple Virtual Airlines to conduct such events! When you participate in our event, you will get a 2x multiplier for the event flight, which will enable you to rank up faster! (events on the IFC entitles you to a 3x multiplier)​ If you regularly attend our event, you may earn the “Most Participated Award”! This is to thank you for regularly attending our event :)

Our website represents who we are. It is a important part of Malaysia Airlines Virtual and it keeps us going. It also boasts a sleek looking design and contains everything you want to know about us.

mockuper (2)

Click on the graphic to be redirected to our website.

Welcome to your very own crew center! Our crew center is a place where you can file Pilot Reports (PIREPs), bid for a flight you’d like to fly, check the METAR for your departing and arriving airport, check the IFR data for that flight, search all our flights, generate your own boarding pass (how cool is that?), interact with pilots and much more!

mockuper (1)

Click on the graphic to be redirected to our crew center.

Malaysia Airlines Virtual is proud to be partnered with many different airlines. This enables pilots to fly further, with new routes and aircraft.

Cathay Pacific Virtual

We are delighted to be partnered with Cathay Pacific Virtual. Our codeshare agreements now allows you to fly to more destinations, such as Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Check out what our codeshare agreement covers here.

Singapore Virtual Airlines

We are honoured to be partnered with Singapore Virtual Airlines. Our codeshare agreements now allows you to fly to more destinations, with different aircraft. Check out what our codeshare agreement covers here.

Here at Malaysia Airlines Virtual, we believe everyone should be able to experience Malaysia with us, and this is why we do not have many requirements for you to join.


Listed below are all our current requirements.

  1. Able to have MHVA in your callsign in Infinite Flight when flying MHVA’s flights.
  2. Access to Slack
  3. Registered Infinite Flight Community account
  4. Obtain at least 80% for the written test
  5. Have Infinite Flight Pro
  6. Preferably Grade 3 and above
  7. Age 13 and above
  8. Able to log one flight a month (Can request for a Leave of Absence if a valid reason is provided)

We hope to see you in Malaysia Airlines Virtual!



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We would like to thank @AirChina196 for providing us with the live tracker! Do check out them out!



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