Malaysia Airlines Retro 40Years Livery

Hello there people, I hope ur are in a good shape.
First, do u know what Malaysia Airlines has a few of special livery on their 737s? What? You don’t know? Let me explain one of the special livery that exists on their 737, that is the 40 years of Malaysian Hospitality. It indicates that Malaysia Airlines has exist a while back then. (psst, if you don’t know what is Malaysia Airlines, here the link for more information about it :
Back to the topic, this livery means much to us, especially Malaysians. Here’s the first glance of the livery.

Credit : PlanespottersNet and its photographer.
It looks nice right? 😍 I am looking forward to see this livery in the next update. Thanks !

That’s a nice livery! I don’t have votes though

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Right, it’s a nice one 😍, hmm idk if u don’t have one

I thought I was Turkish airlines and was surprised to see the logo but I then realized it was Malaysian. But this looks very nice

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yeah it looks very nicee

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