Malaysia Airlines Oneworld Airbus A330-300 | 9M-MTE

Photo Credit : @LordWizrak

Considering the A330 is the current talk of the community and also the feature request thread for this plane just reopened I thought to make a new feature request post for this beautiful bird wearing the national Malaysia Airline “Negaraku” livery. Photo isn’t mine and is credited to the said owner .

The reason why i picked specifically 9M-MTE as the livery for request is because among all Malaysia Airlines A330 this stands out the most with it’s bold blue OneWorld livery wording on it.

The Malaysian A330 is powered by 2 PW4170 engines and is currently serving Malaysia Airlines largest route network spanning from KUL to SYD . The A330 has a range of up to 11750 km at full load, more than enough to cover Malaysia Airlines current route network . The A330-300 is also part of Malaysia Airline essential fleet for long haul ever since they retired the B777-200ER . The A330-300 is loved by many airline operators for it’s ability to do long haul and short haul while carrying tons of cargo and passenger and it’s also one of the most fuel efficient planes in the skies. No comparably-sized aircraft can match the cost-efficiency and profitability of Airbus’ modern A330-300 jetliner, which boasts significantly lower operating costs per seat than its nearest competitor.

Why is this plane and livery needed ?

  1. It’s one of the most flown plane after the B777 and from the A330 feature request tells a lot how much the community adore this plane
  2. I am a fan of Airbus so no doubt this plane livery will be on my list considering it’s my national country carrier and the plane i fly the most for my VA .
  3. This livery has been requested before but since it’s pretty old I’ve asked a mod to close the old one .
  4. This livery will look stunning on the A330-300 with it’s vibrant color of the word OneWorld mixing with the standard Malaysia Airline livery.

Wow that’s a cool photo! Wait…

Anyways, this is one of the most unique livery, combining 2 special liveries onto one plane which was something that is almost unseen from Malaysia Airline’s at the very least.


I will vote

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Me too! You have my vote also :)


Voted. @MalaysiaAirlinesVA would love to see this!


Voted! Would love to see a Malaysia A330 in IF!


This would be a very nice addition to the A330-300!


Already voted!


Any Oneworld livery deserves a vote IMO. Still gutted we lost the Qatar Aiways Oneworld livery 😢


Can’t wait to see this if it gets addded.

Minor bump!

It’s a special livery that looks absolutely beautiful. Would be a shame to see it not being added to the A330-300 because the Pratt and Whitney models are not planned. Really hope that there is a change in opinions though. It’s a great engine with a history of use. It’ll be a shame to see it skipped.

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bumping this up.

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Would be an interesting livery if ever the Pratt and Whitney powered A330-300 is added.

I actually really hope the PW‘s are added for American and Korean

Bumping this request for such a great VA

You have my vote love this plane hope we get Kuala Lumpur in 3d soon