Malaysia Airlines Negaraku Boeing 737-800

Malaysia Airlines has had many liveries in the past. The one that stands out the most is the Malaysia “Negaraku Livery”, which first made an appearance on their A350-900. Now as time progresses, Malaysia Airlines no longer call this a special livery. They have decided that this will now be their brand new livery which represents Malaysia very well.

Photo by Wafi Ammar: 9M-MXV | Boeing 737-8H6 | Malaysia Airlines | Wafi Ammar | JetPhotos utm_campaign=iOS&utm_medium=Referral&utm_source=iOS+App

I am hoping that this livery will soon end up in the game, and will be very fun to fly with a great plane and a very unique livery. Consider it!

I really like this. I am sadly out of votes though :(

I support this request anyways.

(I would like to add that I also am a new subscriber Lee. Keep the good content up!)


Thanks for the vote! And thanks for subscribing :D


Great idea lee! I always like Malaysia Airlines!:D I voted!


Actually, the livery was first spotted in July 2017, 5 months before the first A350-900 Negaraku Livery, in anticipation of the country’s 60th independence day celebrations on a B737-800, registered 9M-MXS. If anything, that’s even more of a reason to have this livery included given it’s where it all started.

Would love to see an updated version of Malaysia Airline’s livery come to Infinite Flight, though seeing all four generations of the airline being rather well represented does leave me quite conflicted.


Voted for this, would love to see it on Infinite Flight! 😍


Small bump. The one in game needs a refresh!

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