Malaysia Airlines Negaraku A330-300

As Malaysia Airlines pulls through this pandemic, they aim to start fresh, with a refreshed identity, and with a new livery. First seen in 2017 on 3 A350-900 and B737-800, and then an additional 3 A330-200 in 2018, and now on well more than 15 planes throughout the entire fleet, this livery flies the flag prominently, just like on the A350-900 in game.

I understand that the A350-900 has already had this livery added into the game, but having a more up to date representation of the livery across the board would be greatly appreciated by fans of the livery and airline. Nonetheless, here’s the livery.

For more information about Malaysia Airline and the A330, check these links out below.

Surprised no one made this. Beautiful livery 🤩

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looks gorgeous

As a Malaysian myself, I approve this. Voted!

Well, I do not see this coming since the Devs stated when they reworked the A330 that the PW engine type was not on the plan. And I do not think that the PW will be added since they have stated it, and another reason why didn’t include it is because of the immense number of operators of the A330 including the 3 engine types, it somewhere between 40 to 50+ liveries (as of today) and they stated also that liveries take the most of the IF toll. It uses a good amount of bandwidth which requires processing power, and here is where IF needs to focus on their backstage work for low-end devices to render them at the max. But I know as the simulator progresses more and more content is on the way and including this beautiful livery!

But I won’t provide any more negative vibes here, so I would support this with a vote and hopefully, hopefully we will get it sometime.

Sitting back and letting things happen isn’t going to change things. Getting up and voicing out for the things that you want, however, is how you get things rolling. I understand a lot of the limitations that the developers of Infinite Flight face, be it time, resources, allocation on devices and performance, all the way to smaller things such as quality of life changes behind the scenes that some may not even notice.

That said, putting this out there, gaining the support of the community and if Infinite Flight changes the direction that they wish to go to, perhaps they can gauge where the community’s interest lies. There is absolutely no expectation in seeing this livery come to fruition, hell, I’m not even expecting to see Pratt and Whitney powered A330s come to the simulator anytime soon, but the least we can do is voice out for what we want, through the channels provided to us.


I am backing your response here! You can see that I voted for the sole purpose of getting the PW variant.

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Malaysia airlines just ordered the A330-900neo, someone set up a vote for it

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Given that the livery still does not exist on an actual aircraft in the real world, I don’t think it’ll be added. However, as soon as it rolls out of the factory in Toulouse, I’m sure someone will make a request for it.

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MTL and MTN at YPAD.


Would love to see this workhorse of MAS fleet in the sim.
However, IF is not adding A330s with P&W engines like this one, and Korean :(

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The next step then would be to see whichever comes first, PW engines on the A330 or the A339 livery. My money’s on the latter.

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