Malaysia Airlines Harimau Malaya A330-300

Unveiled in October 2020, Malaysia Airlines brought in the Malaysia Negaraku Harimau Malaya livery in support of the Malaysian national football team, in conjunction with the Football Association of Malaysia announcing a new sponsorship with Malaysia Airlines.

Having since been charted to bring the football teams to various tournaments and matches all across Asia, as well as being in regular passenger service in what is a strikingly unique yellow livery with the blue and red of the Malaysian flag, I thought it would be interesting to bring this to the attention of the community.

To be completely honest, while this isn’t exactly my favourite livery, it’s a unique one with a story behind it.

Credits: Malaysia Airlines | Airbus A330-300 | 9M-MTG | Adelaide International Airport | TommyNG

For more information about Malaysia Airline and the A330, check these links out below.

Nice livery :)

Unfortunately. New rules feature in-app IF and they won’t allow a special livery scheme in-game. Very sorry.

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