Malaysia Airlines "Freedom of Space" Livery B777-200ER

Photo credit goes to Eddie Heisterkamp

What is your opinion? Reg. 9M-MRD
I think the plane looks cool, This was also the same plane that was shot down in Ukraine back in 2014 as MH17

In memorial of the 298 soul on board

As much as I would love to see this, it’s always sad to see this airframe ended up in such fate =/

I’ll try to clear my votes if still available to vote for this one.


The livery looks beautiful, would be a nice livery to fly with if it was added.

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It would look great. But IF doesnt have any special liveries. They should make a special liveries tab maybe?

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IF does have a special livery:

Boeing 737-700: Southwest Shamu Livery

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IF does indeed have special liveries, and to name a few here they are…
Qatar Airways Oneworld Livery | 777-300ER
Air France Skyteam Livery | 777-300ER
Southwest Shamu Livery | 737-700
KLM Orange Pride Livery | 777-300ER

this is one of the livery that i like, i’m glad if that livery added, because i like livery “freedom of space” and look cool

…So you’re requesting MH17?

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Don’t forget Star Alliance B752!


Yea i did say to name a few, not name them all but you’re right, can’t forget Star Alliance 757-200 ;)

And a side note, MH370 was also a 777-200ER and we already have Malaysia Airlines 772 in its original livery.

Huh!! If the plane operating MH17 was shot down, how can the plane in the picture be the same plane. Im confused.

EDIT: just realised this photo was taken before it was shot down.

…And the Air China Boeing 737-700.

…AND I also forgot the Etihad A340, my favorite special livery because I like F1.

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Wow, this one is amazing! Don’t really think we’ll ever see it but it’s a really cool livery