Malaysia Airlines’ FAA Rating Downgraded

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Legit question: why is FAA interfereing with business (ie. codeshares)?

Since the FAA is the governing company that runs US Air Spaces they have final say


Why does a codeshare have anything to do with safety, etc? Why does who is selling the tickets impact FAA? Unless there is some other issue I’m not thjnking about?

Uh holdup, @anon79257371, shouldn’t the title be “Malaysia’s FAA Rating Downgraded”?

It’s not just Malaysia Airlines, it’s other airlines like Air Asia X, hence why I referenced their potential U.S. service (LAX) may be reconsidered now.

Air Asia X already flies to Honolulu via Osaka so that might be affected by this category downgrade…

Feds didn’t say Air Asia was unsafe like Malaysia so far.

But it’s the country of Malaysia itself, including Air Asia X, not just a specific airline:



Yeah… not just Malaysia Airlines. It’s affecting every airline in Malaysia.

This is more or less what Qatar is doing, buying a 49% stake in Air Italy and transforming the airline to launch its own indirect operations into the U.S. and bypassing US3’s argument against the ME3’s government subsidiaries.

This unfortunately ruined AirAsiaX’s plan to fly to the Bay Area by 2021 :/

While they could launch a Japan subsidiary, there is already a large number of flights between Japan and the West Coast, so I don’t think AirAsia would do well, unless they’re prices are insanely cheap which could be possible.

The only problem is they need to set up a base in a city in Japan (I would assume they would set it up in Osaka because they already fly between Osaka and Honolulu), with catering, crew, and possibly maintenance. This would also take a long time.

I hope Malaysia can get its Category 1 rating back soon, so we can see other carriers launch flights to the United States.

I guess I won’t be flying on any Malaysian airlines when I fly to the US any time soon 🤷🏻‍♂️

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