Malaysia Airlines A350-941 9M-MAC "Negaraku" livery

Hello everyone, long time no see!

Yesterday I spent a few hours spotting at Kuala Lumpur Int’l Airport. Here are a few shots of the highlight of the day, 9M-MAC, arriving from London Heathrow as MH1. My mum was onboard, seated in 29A. This, combined with the beauty and elegance of the aircraft, makes it my favourite catch ever!

9M-MAC is the second A350 to join Malaysia Airlines’ fleet, delivered to Kuala Lumpur on the 23rd of December, painted in a special “Negaraku” (My Country) livery. Currently, she flies back and forth between KL and London, alternating every other day with sister ship 9M-MAB.



Nice photos and great spot :)
Will you be posting more photos on Instagram?

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That livery is absolutely fire.

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That is one beautiful aircraft! Amazing photos

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Preferably I prefer the old livery, but nice photo! =D

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Jesus Christ those are amazing photos!!

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Oh my! Spotters in London are so lucky to see her so often! Great spots!

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Thanks! Not for a while mate, I’ll probably log in next sometime in March. It’s really helped not having that extra distraction, so I’ll keep it that way

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Definitely the best looking A350 out there!

Thank you as well guys @Aussie_Wombat @Oli_H

@Gliding_Central what do you mean by “the old livery”?

Yeh they are haha. As more and more A350s are delivered to MH, she’ll start flying around Asia more often as well

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One of my favourite liveries. If only this was their standard one.

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I like this type of livery:


Referring to the “old livery”

I wish! Would cost too much unfortunately, and saving money is a priority for Malaysia Airlines at the moment…

@Gliding_Central Ahh, the picture you’ve shown is 9M-MAB. That is the standard livery for MH 737, A330 and A350, with the red and blue “swooshes”. The next few A350s (9M-MAD/MAE/MAF) will feature this standard livery

However, the aircraft I spotted features the special Negaraku livery. A similar livery is also painted on Boeing 737 9M-MXS.



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