Malaysia Airlines A330-900neo


I dont have any vote but i still rlly want this

This livery would ve a great addition.

Here are some more photos!


I think the livery will not be this livery:


but this livery:

because of the tail logo

Yeah, that’s right!

tbh both liveries are beautiful, on the A330 it looks pretty good, and with the raccoon mask that livery will look even better

Oh no no, the tail won’t be like the 737 MAX’s. But the livery itself (negaraku livery) will remain. It’s just the tail logo that will be changed.

Oh I see, I would’ve liked the other livery as well, is it old now and will they change all of their aircraft to the malaysian flag livery or will they continue to operate both liveries simultaneously?

No, the flag livery is now their new livery.

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It will look like this :)

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I love it, how many a330neos will they receive?

They will receive 20. The first is coming in November.

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Will be delivered as 9M-MNG