Malaysia A380 livery error

Device: Galaxy S10
Operating system: Android 12
Infinite Flight version: 24.2.2

After making this Malaysia A350 with the A380 livery, I decided to hop on the Malaysia A380 in IF to have some fun. However, making those liveries can make you realise mistakes you never knew were there, and that’s precisely what happened. The “top swoop” features a light blue area, wheras in reality, it is medium blue:

As a fun fact, that was actually right on the old A380, despite many other issues:


This is most probably not a livery error, but more of an error on how colours are represented in the app.
It’s one of those things that Philippe is currently spending 99,99% of his awaken time with right now.


To be honest, I doubt that. If the chosen colour was truly correct, it would appear as the medium blue in question, as it is featured on the “lower swoop”.

We’ll see how eventual colour discrepancies are handled when the new graphics engine arrives, but, having some limited knowledge on how to make liveries (I made a few liveries for RFS in the past, plus all of the liveries on Med templates), I’m fairly confident that’s an error with the livery itself.


I get your point, but if you look closer at the colours in general you’ll see more than one discrepancy.
Everything is just darker and slightly off.

But yes, we’ll see. I don’t think there’s much that can be done until the new lighting is in place.


I’m aware of that. I would’ve reported many of those discrepancies, however one of my closest friends, who happens to be a Beta tester, told me that it’s likely those would be fixed when the new engine arrives (for example, just look how light the colours on the China Southern A380 are, and compare those with how much darker and vivid the colours on the Thai A380 are).

What cannot be explained by simple rendering errors (unless there’s something fundamentally, and even suspiciously broken with the rendering engine) is the issue I’m reporting. I don’t think there’s any universe in which a certain colour “x”, which is featured on the livery, is switched to another colour “y” because of a rendering error (and in a rather complex shape, and only in that shape), but the exact same colour “y” is “coincidentally” featured elsewhere on the same livery, where it is supposed to be featured.

If we take a look at the Etihad A380s, for example, there’s an issue regarding a slightly darker area of the fuselage, which I’ve already reported. That is what is likely to be a rendering error.

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why did i immediately guess that u did this topic


This is interesting for sure as none of the beta team really know what the new lighting engine will be like. I honestly didn’t even know we had one on development!

I know some people will see this as a game breaking issue, but we still maintain a much higher level of accuracy and detail than other competing mobile flight simulators, was it Fake Flight Simulator? I can’t remember

But I guess we can only wait and see what happens! In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy continuing to fly the a380.


You may not know what it’ll look like (though not knowing it was even in development, as hinted by Seb here and as once mentioned by Cameron on the Discord server, is quite a lack of looking the news), but unless Seb and Cam are lying, it’s meant to fix rendering issues such as the aforementioned Etihad fuselage mismatch.

As for aircraft, sure. As for liveries, it’s debatable. Sure, there are many liveries done with no quality whatsoever, however there are many talented artists making liveries there, a group I’d include myself in. Unfortunately, the quality of the aircraft is so bad that it often makes a good livery (which shows in great quality on the preview) extremely pixelated, especially for someone who’s also playing IF (wonder why I bought an IF sub?).

Definitely looking forward to upcoming developments, and I’ll surely be flying (and reporting issues with) the A380 for as long as I can!


How did you load an old A380 on new IF?

By taking a picture before the update.

It seems you’re right!
Looks like we missed that in beta.
Sorry about that!

I’ll make a note internally.
Not sure if and when this will be fixed, since all resources are allocated elswehere at the moment.

Thanks for reporting though! :)