Malaysia A350 fly down under

Well just like most of you you’re all flying the new A350. Well today was my first full flight after some practice on solo. Today’s flight left early in the morning out of Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) heading down under to Perth, Australia (YPPH). Flight time was around 5hrs 22 mins on the Expert server.
I’m not sure about everyone else but this this plane just loves to fly. The flight was very peaceful and no turbulence to worry about. Hope everyone enjoy the photos I feel these are some of the best shots that I’ve taken.

Lifting off out of Kuala Lumpur with another A350 that just parked in the background

Climbing out in the early dawn sky

cruising off the coast of Singapore and near a very very busy Singapore Shanghai

Sitting back and enjoying the view

Ah the coast of Australia

**Beauty of this bird flying **

Decending into Perth

We have touch down welcome to Perth
I hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for looking.


Well, here’s someone I haven’t seen in ages. Glad to see you enjoying the A350! 🙂


Yeah I’m in slow season mode with work so now it’s time to get some time back in the skies. Plus this bird has been the ground breaker since global. I was super impressed with this one.