Malaysia A330-300 - OneWorld Livery

(Photo Credit: Laurent Errera)

With the upcoming, and much anticipated, A330 rework, I’ve decided to rejuvenate a request originally made in 2016. Although still open, my goal is to provide a more in-depth description of this livery, and share some reasons why I feel it needs to be added.

The Malaysia Airlines A330-300 OneWorld livery is, in a word, beautiful in my opinion. The bold, blue OneWorld lettering just seems to work so well, and compliments the modern, standard livery.

After several tough years, including two major aircraft losses, Malaysia Airlines made the decision to rebrand and restructure its product. Part of this recovery included a rejuvenated OneWorld commitment.

In a way, you could say that this aircraft, 9M-MTO (F-WWTI is the pre-delivery registration), represents that commitment. Flying to destinations throughout Asia and Oceana, it symbolizes the rebirth of this proud airline, and caries the promise of a bright future.

Malaysia Airlines is now enjoying a strong rebound, and is expanding its codeshare agreements with other OneWorld partners. This push will allow passengers to be more connected, and have access to a wider network worldwide.

If you would like to see this livery added, please consider voting as I have done. The other request didn’t have any votes, which really surprised me. Maybe the lack of interest was due to when it was made, almost two years ago. Whether the moderators decide to close this or not, it’s fine. I appreciate your time either way. See you in the skies.

As you said, there is a duplicate, so please ask a moderator to close the old one because it’s an outdated topic.

Have a great day :)


This one is much more detailed so I think we should keep this one. I’ll flag the other. The other one is very old and doesn’t have any votes anyway.


The other one that @MaximV linked to is almost 2 years old. So you could always ask a Mod to close that one, which is something you should’ve done before creating this new one.

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I did search, and noted it in my post. I was under the impression that a moderator had to look at both, then decide which to close. My mistake. I haven’t made too many feature requests.


I closed the older one since it had no votes. Carry on.


Well I hope that this beautiful Livery makes its way through when the long anticipated A330 rework is been done in the future :)

Looking forward to see this in IF one day ;)

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I think the OneWorld livery looks good on the A330-300

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This livery on my favorite 330 version !!
I will really love to fly it

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I liked this livery. I believe that, given the huge amount of votes in favor of reworking the A330, we will soon see the long-awaited rework. So I hope to see this livery soon.

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Very nice livery! I hope this livery will be added in the future rework for the A330!