Malabo to Madrid - CEIBA Intercontinental 777-200LR

Thought I would share some snaps from my most recent flight on the CEIBA 77L between Equatorial Guinea and Spain. A stunning livery and I highly recommend this route (probably better in the other direction though).

Tuesday 30 March
Flight time: 6 hours
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A creatively designed tail featuring the national iconic Ceiba tree (like Lebanon has its Cedar tree featured on MEA). In the background, you can see Mount Cameroon (near Douala), the fourth highest peak in Africa.

On the stand at FGSL prepping the FPL. Nice titles

Pushed back and ready to taxi, Pico Basilé, the highest mountain in Equatorial Guinea, is located right just south of the city of Malabo on the tropical island of Bioko.

Rocketing out of Malabo’s RWY22

Climbing to cruising altitude with Mount Cameroon again in the background - about to enter Nigerian airspace.

Cruising over Algeria with sunset approaching, just over halfway through the flight.

As the sun sets, we approach Morocco.

Descending over southern Spain into Madrid.

About to arrive on Barajas’s RWY18L.

Parked on the stand as seen from the control tower.

I’m visiting every country in the world on IF without teleporting and have approx 25 remaining, this was my first visit to Eq Guinea (arrived earlier on the Turkish 739 from IST via PHC). I have an Instagram account where I post many of my departures/arrivals (including the ones from this flight) @theinfiniteflightpilot, feel free to follow. Let me know if you want more posts like this in the future. Thanks!

P.S. @infiniteflight what’s up with the Air India 777 registration? :D


Such an underrated livery. Great photos!

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Thank you! Totally agree - could you imagine if we had the Azerbaijan 77L as well??

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