Maksi's ATC Tracking Thread @WSSS (CLOSED)

I am open in WSSS for 1-2h in Training server.
Pattern work allowed.
Feel free to join.

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I moved your ATC tracking thread to the ATC area, where it belongs.

When you open at EDDF, make sure your title contains [OPEN@EDDF].

After you close change your title to [CLOSED].

Have fun! Hope you get some good feedback.

Ok so I have some feedback for you,

  1. For runway changes you need to give pattern entries.
  2. After the transition, there was another plane behind me which you gave “enter right downwind runway 25L, number 2, behind the traffic on left downwind” when I was on right downwind
  3. When you gave me clearance for the option (after the transition), you did not give me a traffic direction
  4. There were confusing messages given when I was on left downwind(the part where “disregard last message” is used), you can just use “correction, standby” and can just send me a clearance as “number 1”, and I’ll know that I’m going to touch down first

Besides those small mistakes, you did pretty well with correct judgement and transition, which I will say well done.

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