Maksi's ATC Tracking Thread (closed) @EDDM

I am now open in EDDM for 30-60mins
Training Server
Patternwork allowed
Feel free to join.

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Hello @Maksimiliannjr_11

It seems you have already made 2 Tracking Threads. Please, only use one just by updating the title to OPEN whenever you want to control and CLOSED when you are done controlling.

Previous threads:

Thread 1

Thread 2

Thank you for your understanding.

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Oh I am sorry, I’ll do that in the future

Don’t forget to (close) when you’re done.

I’ll keep an eye out for ya and try to come out next time you’re (open)

Now closed

now open :)

Still open?

Coming now

Yup. You can be number 2 behind me

Sent you a PM

@Maksimiliannjr_11 Don’t forget to “close” your threat after you’ve finished your session😉

open now :)

I’m coming!

ok, what callsign do you have?

AAV47 is me

Thanks for the patterns! I only have one suggestion, when controlling the ground, make sure you are aware of all aircraft. Give out “give way” commands to aircraft on the ground. Overall, nice job today!

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