Maksimiliannjr_11's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I am open @LSZH for some hours.
Server : Training
Patternwork allowed
Feel free to join!

Make sure you change your title to closed when you’re done ☺️

Hey there,

I’m a bit late with my feedback but here it is:

  • don’t tell people that they have to make left/right traffic after you have already instructed them to make left/right traffic when t/o starts. Only use it when you want to change their the turns (right, left).

  • I asked for frequency change on ground which nobody should ask. you told me with I was already instructed… and that was correct!. I always test this to see if people at least know what the ATC basics are.


Here, I saw you did a really good job by putting waterski 221 on a left downwind runway 34 after taking off from rwy 28. (aka runway change) after you gave him a clearance to land, you instructed him to make left traffic after the option. This is a correct way because he did a runway change and started a new pattern for another runway.


I don’t think it was necessary to issue a go around here. At first, I didn’t pass the threshold yet and I think the runway would be free for me after he vacated the runway. Enough separation here!

I reported “on final full stop” which means that I will finish my remaining in the pattern. After I landed, you forgot to say “exit runway when able”. Know who’s doing a pattern / touch and go and who doesn’t.

I’d suggest to try out another airport as Zurich has some rough terrain around it for patterns. Although, this airport was quite challenging and you handled it very well.

It appears you have two (even more) ATC tracking threads. I don’t think it’s necessary. This allows you to keep all your feedback and information in one topic. You can always change the airport.

After all, you know how ATC works, you’re a good controller but you only need some small improvements. Good job! Let me know when you open again.

Probably not open after 5 days I changed it for you but remember next time.

Yeah I was open but I had to so something but I am back

I am sorry

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