MaksimFerguson’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]


Airport: EGCC Manchester

METAR: EGCC 202120Z AUTO VRB06KT 9999 NCD 15/11 Q1019 NOSIG

Runways in use: Arriving RWY 05L/R Departing 05L.

NOTAM: Ground and Tower Active.

Feedback pretty plz

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Hi Maksim
All good overall. Typically with a transition alitiude you would go 1000ft above pattern altitude, but I can see why you went higher with the terrain.
It would be interesting to see you control with more traffic, and I would concentrate on just tower and ground.

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I would have just done T&G, would of been bored to hell though, with only about 5 aircraft, thanks for flying :)

Didn’t know this, to be honest, thanks :)

No worries, don’t forget to update the title to closed 👍

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Bruh im at tncm with you

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It’s crazy with this amount of Aircraft working App and Dep as well lol

TNCM Closed, it got to a point where there were to many people who don’t know what they are doing was there.

And to the group of Caribbean Airlines Pilots sorry for the delay, was quite hard to separate you when you where all in a formation flight.

And to everyone else sorry for being slow :)

I live in Trinidad, Caribbean Airlines’ hub is there (TTPP) try there.

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I’ll give that a shot, what was your callsign?

H-ENRY is my callsign

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Ahhh yes, thank you.

Only call my base for departing traffic, not landing traffic, it is the pilot’s job to keep distance which is what I was doing


I extended your downwind, so I could get a departure in before you did the Touch and Go.

OPEN Now at EGGP Liverpool.

Check post #1 for more information.

Open now at Manchester EGCC.

This is Manchester, Airfield Information, Alpha. Time 2120Z, Automatic, Arrival Runway 05R, Departure Runway 05L. Ground is open, Tower is open. Surface Wind, Variable, 6 Knots. Visibility, 10km or more. No cloud detected. Temperature +15, Dewpoint +11, QNH 1019. Acknowledge receipt of information Alpha and advise aircraft type on first contact.


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