@MaksimFerguson ATCTT CLOSED TS1

@MaksimFerguson ATC Tracking Thread:



Airfield ICAO: EGCC

Open Time (Z): 1035

Close Time (Z): 1105

Positions: TWR&GND&APP

Come Fly! Feedback Appreciated.

Last Thread Closed Due To Inactivity

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Come fly at 1835Z! TS1 EGGP Liverpool!

EGGP 181750Z 24011KT 9999 SCT040 19/14 Q1015

I ll be there when you open. Nasa 1

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I was the only one there, so the only think is to remember the exit commands!!

Try open somewhere else( airport with two runways, bigger taxiways and runways such as KSSC, EGCC…)


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CLOSED- Hopefully opening again soon, have assessments this week so won’t be opening.

OPEN NOW EGCC! Training Server 1 Come fly!

EGCC 191620Z AUTO 24014KT 9999 FEW029 BKN045 20/15 Q1019 NOSIG

LH VFR Circuit not above 1500 feet.

23L Departures 23R Arrival And Departures.

Manchester APP (EGCC_APP) Now Open!

CLOSED! Thanks to all who flew!

OPEN! Ground, Tower and Approach at EGCC TS1! Fly Now!

Hi. I’m CSA31NT. Do you want feedback here, or in PM?

Here please :) Thanks for flying!



  • When an aircraft checks in they are ready to follow their flight plan and don’t need a resume own navigation nor altitude instructions. Since Emirates 1247 wasn’t in conflict with anyone, there was no reason for you to issue the altitude instructions. It isn’t wrong, just inconvenient. From personal experience I can assure you that you don’t want to be doing that, especially if it gets any busier. If they want to be vectored they will ask for radar vectors. Obviously, you should vector to avoid conflict should that situation come up :D.
  • I was already at 240kts when you sent that restriction saying maintain 240 or below. Personally, I wouldn’t issue speed restrictions unless the aircraft is risking a conflict with another aircraft or I need the aircraft to make a sharp turn. Most pilots are capable of managing their speed during the flight and restricting an aircraft below 10k to 240kts- just doesn’t make sense to me, since they will already be at 250 or less. Personal preference.
  • You shouldn’t hand me off to tower until I’m established on the localiser. Wait till I’m on the centreline, then hand me off. Mainly done so that you can vector me if I miss the approach.
  • I would have preferred if you gave the give way to me rather than to BYE8066 as he was blocking the only taxiway I should have gone to, whereas I wasn’t really blocking anything he’d need.

Good job though! You aced the 30 degree intercept both with the heading and altitude, and I never had issues with the terrain. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want some more tricks that I use for controlling ;)

Thanks for the service!

Thanks for your feedback!

I would of given you way but you where on an intersection of a Runway, it would of been safer if I had given you way, although there was no traffic, it’s still good to get in the practice of it…

You wouldn’t have to hold me on the runway. You could have given a give way and I would have exited the runway and waited a safe distance from both the aircraft and the runway. I do see your point though

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That’s all, where is safer? A Taxiway? Or holding at an intersection on an active Runway? ;)

I would’ve passed the hold short line and stopped. There was enough space there, and there would be no conflict with the runway, nor with the aircraft. I wouldn’t be holding on the runway

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