Making your own VA. How, which one, how much?

Hello everybody,
This title is probably wrong because I’m not here to answer those questions.

I’m wondering how people make their own VA.
Like: how much does it cost?
How much work goes into it?
What’s the process like to be approved?
And most importantly:

How do I know that the VA I want to make is not currently reviewed or in the making?

Any answers would be appreciated.



You need to have a clear planning + Group of people maybe a investor if you can’t invest

Once it is done you have to propse your template to IFVARB …
They have many stages of approval

Your VA must have a good network of staff…

Most va’s use Phpvms which is free and can be edited
U need to invest in website and sometime it takes time to get schedules or routes
Overall it’s not an easy job
Most ppl do it as a team
You can look at IFVARB in #live:va

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Go to, then go to VA/VO databasse

I am about to apply for mine tonight. I haven’t spent a penny. It can cost money, but it is definitely doable free of cost.

It can be very hard work, but as long as you’re Passionate about what you’re doing, it won’t be too hard.

You can find a lot of info on in the creating a VA/VO section, and the apply section.

Hope this helps!



To start, every VA has to go through the @IFVARB if you would like to promote your VA at #live:va.

The IFVARB is the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board, the group in charge of all virtual airline management on the Infinite Flight simulator. They are a volunteer group who are not associated to Infinite Flight and are independent.

Usually, making your own VA is free, unless you’re buying a domain etc.

Next, you need to be TL 2 on the forum to submit a application. You are currently TL 1. Keep being active, replying and liking and you’ll get to TL 2 soon!

The IFVARB only accepts VAs of high standards and as long as you meet their criteria you’re all good to apply. I recommend putting all your best effort into it so that your VA won’t be rejected by the IFVARB.

These are the steps that should be followed in the VA/VO certification process (source: IFVARB)

  1. Search the Official IFVARB Database and make sure your airline is not already taken.
  2. Submit an application via the Apply Page. Please provide your Experience Statement* and Operations Plan*. They MUST be shared publicly in Google Documents. You will also get an Admin assigned to you based on the region of your VA/VO*.
  3. An IFVARB Admin will contact you directly in the Infinite Flight Community to inform you whether you are cleared to enter the review wait-line or not.
  4. Your application and website will be graded by multiple members. Feedback will be given with suggestions for edits or other changes for the VA/VO. You can view the reveiws through the Status Page. You can get your reservation code in the email that was sent to you when you filled out the application. An IFVARB Leader will be your main point of contact if any questions or concerns arise.
  5. Once approved, you will be added to the active database found Here and will be allowed to post in the #VA category on the Infinite Flight Community.

You can find out which VA is available and which VA is not at

I strongly recommend checking out if you want to know more details about creating a VA.

Also, feel free to PM me if you need any help! I myself am a CEO of @MalaysiaAirlinesVA.



Firstly, you would have to be TL2 as a CEO.
2. Have an idea of what you are doing.
3. Follow the instructions on how to apply via IFVARB website.
4. One you meet the requirements and have created your operations plan and experience statement, then you should apply via IFVARB website.

NOTE: Check the VA you are applying for in the VA/VO Database in IFVARB if it’s already reserved or not. Make sure to check airlines unavailable due to copyright.

May I ask how you did not spend any money? Most people I talk to spend about 50 bucks for the domain and CC

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You don’t have to spend a lot for the domain. Domains cost like £10 a year in my country from But you don’t have to get one, completely optional.

Edit: If you’re using InfinityFree hosting, you can get a free SSL certificate


You could always have a free domain (eg. There is no rule stating you can’t. However, there are some cheap .com domain that are around $1 (for a year only) which would make your VA look more professional. I used 1on1 ionos as my domain provider and only paid $1 for the first year.

In addition, crew centers are usually free. You can use phpVMS as your crew center, or Airtable. However, PhpVMS is much more professional!
There are many many more options out there, but these 2 softwares are what VAs usually use.

@KaiM has very kindly created tutorials on how to create a phpVMS crew center. I’ve linked them below.


I used AirTable for the route database. We use a form for our pireps. We use for the website.


If you want to talk to people who already have one talk to…

And many more but these are just who I know or have talked to in the past


Its completely free unless you want to purchase extras (custom domain, paid hosting, realistic schedules).

You’ll spend a lot of time on it, but it all pays off in the end.

It can take a while (Up to 3 months in some cases), but in this time the IFVARB admins will guide you through it, the will tell you how you can improve your website, ranks, rules and so on. has the list of all the VA/VO and has the list of reserved VA/VO.

Good Website Builders:,,
Good Sources for Routes: (paid), (e.g.
PIREPS and Route Databases: Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part One - Setting up Hosting (Requires a Computer),

Remember to work on your PIREP handling system, Website before working on Handbooks, Route Databases and other small details as you will have lots of time to perfect these during the reservation stage.


Thank you everybody!

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Hi @MaxTheBandit I can also try to answer some of your questions.

  1. It can either be free, or you can pay for it. It all depends on weather you want to put in the time and research to avoid paying, or you purchase things like route lists, Hosting sites, and a website.

  2. the work load is really not bad once your VA is up and running. But at the beginning, you need to have a really nice website with tons of Information, and you will get some reviews about your website. You can also get people in the IFC who will volunteer to make a website for you or even a crew center.

  3. the approval process goes like this:

  • you submit an application to the IFVARB with information about your VA/VO.
  • Then an IFVARB Admin or board member will contact you saying weather or not your application was accepted or rejected.
  • If it was accepted then your VA will be added to a list of pending VA/VOs. You can check your status by using a code given to you by the admin or member that contacted you.
  • the waiting process is the hardest part, sometimes it can take up to 2-4 weeks to get into the review process where board members and admins will be reviewing your website to see if it meets the high standards the IFVARB is looking for.
  • Once your website is approved, you will begin working on your VA/VOs thread. That will be done in the PM with your admin or board member.
  • Then once everything is approved you will post your thread and get invited to the IFVARB slack where you will get and hear about IFC info.
  1. All active VA/VOs are displayed on the IFVAEB website here and you can also look at pending VA’s here if you need some help with an idea, let me know.

Hope all of this helps.
Hope to see a new VA soon!!


are there any popular airlines that other Va’s haven’t used yet remaining?

Hmmm that would take some digging through the website. I honestly have no clue, but you could make a Va based off of a real world airline that isn’t allowed. Like Nonstop Virtual is based off of Lufthansa

Hey! You can check VA/VO database to see if there are any airlines you would want to see are missing!

Icelandair, Atlas Air, AirBridgeCargo. However you would be better off finding a VA you like and genuinely enjoy flying for and see if you can become staff at it, starting a VA now isn’t a good idea if you want it to become “popular” as most of the “good” airlines have already been taken.

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@Captainflight - You can always start one from scratch and promote it in a way that will make it popular among the IFC. The IFVARB Certification process will help with that, don’t worry!

I was just enquiring I am not starting my own va right now.

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  1. Have an idea and commit to it.
  2. Mine is free so far. But I am going to use a custom domain so around 5 dollars. Some VA’s can cost to 100 dollars a year.
  3. I spend no more than 1 hour to day, sometimes less.
  4. Up to 3 months. You get approved initially and it can be 1-2 months after that with feedback etc.
  5. Look at the reservation list under ‘pending airlines’ and the database page.
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