Making the addition of liveries an open source tool.

Well, the other day I made a similar comment about it on one of IF’s posts on instagram, but today I had more time to give my suggestion in a proper way through this community platform.

First of all, just wanted to make clear that I am not a programmer, neither understand too deep about the Infinite Flight App technical specification details, or how is possible to add new features. But I understand that since it is based in coding, almost every idea we can come across to improve the app convenience there is somewhat a huge potential of being possible to implement it.

My suggestion is, what if the addition of new liveries was possible through an open source feature?.
I know that from a business, time and task management point of view FDS prioritises many other issues/new interesting features within the app so it is always appealing to its users. Imagine if FDS decides to implement such a similar feature how much development time would be cut in half? (I don’t really have idea on how much time it takes to add a livery within the app, so I am just assuming at this point), even though we have a really good variety of liveries there is still a long way to cover most liveries, of course it would never be possible to add every single airline livery, but it would cover most of it. And I am pretty sure that costumer satisfaction in regards liveries would improve greatly.

And of course I am taking into consideration the storage as well. I am not really sure how efficient it would look, or how much extra storage it would add in the requirements to download the app. But I also wouldn’t mind to have a feature on my phone where I would not only have the option to download the A/C models of my preference but the liveries i would want to fly at a specific day as well. Bear in mind that I am just throwing ideas that I think with the right implementation could work, I am not really sure how much of a resource would require to implement such features.

It actually could be just like the Airport Editing Team, with tutorials on how to submit a livery for the app.

Assuming this is all possible and that we have the addition of liveries on IF as an open source feature, I think the dynamics in the development would increase and livery diversity would be a huge gain for marketing purposes (It already is, but u know, flight sim market is growing so, its always good).

Unless of course this idea was already brought up inside the FDS development team (or in the community) and wasn’t implemented for some reason, if thats the case, please enlighten me.

TAAG G30 :)

Nice feature request! Isn’t the following topic really similar to your idea through?


I tried to look for a post with similar suggestion with no success, but I guess the keywords I used weren’t enough, thanks anyways ;)