Making Player's Tuned Frequencies Visible

I couldn’t find anything similar to this after several minutes of searching, but I apologize if there’s something like this already.

Many times I’ve been on Unicom and approaching an airport when there’s been another one/two/however many aircraft also in the area with the same idea of me to land at that particular airport, however when I’ve sent out a message, I obviously don’t know wether or not the people around me are actually on the correct frequecy because a lot of the time you’ll forget to change from the departure frequency.

Now you could say to this: “Well, just assume that they know what you’re doing” - but what this feature is to either reassure you that the message has got across to them, or it can tell you to be aware and to maybe give them some extra space (extending your upwind/downwind etc), thus improving your situational awareness of any aircraft that may not be listening to helpful transmissions from other pilots.

Below you’ll see a picture of where I think this information should go as well as the corresponding aircraft circled. This is merely an example because I couldn’t find an airport which didn’t have ATC but had a few aircraft in the vicinity.

I’d like to see this implemented for the reason I said above - but let me knkw what you guys/girls think, or if anything about this request could be improved.



It could be made that you have to tune to your arrival airport before landing or get a violation

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ATC can see it. So should be quite easy to implement

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Im almost certain that this is already implemented.

Read the original post again. I mean in Unicom.

Show me where, as a pilot, you can see what frequency other people are on…because I can’t see it.

I know. So on Unicom it should also be easy to implement.

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MaxSez: Unique but unnecessary, even in the RW you have know way of knowing what another plane inside the ring/in the air is tuned to. W/Comm no problem in uncontrolled airspace they tune Unicom to there field of choice. No comm, they’ll fly VFR Rules (See/Avoid). Next.


Yeah ok, but IRL you also don’t have a grading system or XP, so it works both ways…

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Sorry, I misunderstood your post.

@AtomicHerbster4. LOL… IRL tell that to the next FAA Check Rider/Inspector/Controller you meet!

Will do haha…

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I thought you said ATC, as a pilot yes you can’t but as ATC you can.

This is slightly irrelavant because:

  1. Pilots shouldnt know what frequency the other pilot is tuned too.
  2. If the Aircraft isnt tuned to your frequency during ATC when necessary, thats your problem.

Why would you, as a pilot, be able to see another pilot’s tuned frequency? That’s not realistic at all.

I like your thinking


It helps avoid any possibility of confusion though…and as me and Max already covered, if you want to get picky, XP and grading systems obviously don’t exist IRL.