Making my commenters happy

@CK777 told me to do an El Classico flight from EGLL to EHAM from B78X by Air Koryo…. But I used Air France instead…… here are some pics

Took off from EGLL runway 9R

Cruising was almost complete at FL300 with M0.89

We are descending yay!!!

On the finals of EHAM at runway 36C

Landing was pretty good…. But not satisfying….

Parking was done at my own discretion 🤓

I always learn something new when I land and find the mistake that I have done during the flight especially while landing and try to improve in in my next landing….


bit fast there mate…

Nice photos - have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben

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Thanks Ben!!! Same to you

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And while I’m here…this also needs to be in #screenshots-and-videos :)

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Thanks my friend. I’m soooo happy that you can’t imagine. And not problem. Air Koryo and Air France are not so far. They even could be affiliate brands.🥫

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Please share this post so which will motivate me for more flight!!!

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