Making Infinite Flight Speeds more Realistic

Hello everyone of the Infinite Flight community. Yes, Mark just did the post Attention Pilots, Slow Down on Advanced Server Attention All Pilots: Slow Down On Advanced Server and I just flew on a flight in real life yesterday and my TV said that we were going 615 knots ground speed when we were cruising.We were at 32,000 feet for cruising. We got close to 700 knots on the descent until about 12,000 feet we started slowing down.

In theory, I think we should keep the rule but change it a bit.
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777-200 was the aircraft

Imagine if it was 700 knots airspeed and not ground speed. :O

if it was 700 knots airspeed, then it would be going over 1,000 knots ground speed.

So yeah that would get you where you needed to be EXTREMELY FAST

In Infinite Flight Live the real world conditions are not recreated. It is virtually impossible to fly within the Aircrafts max operating Mach and attain speeds over 550kts. The rule is totally fine.

no but we were doing all of that at 32,000 feet and the rule is you can only do all of that over 40,000 feet.

@Sundayflyer with light weight you can

On live? My testing showed Mach 0.91 (Only in 777) 550 could not be reached. Highest I got was 546 with a 20kt tailwind component.

how about on an A321? We flew at about the same speeds coming back

Airbus family are generally rated to 0.82 Mach. As above, real world conditions are very different to IF Live

@Mark_Denton enforced this rule till the right time to change

oh really the 777-300 can’t go that high of speeds? Then why did I see some person just the other day going 700kts gs at 12k feet

Because they were flying too fast and you were on Playground,

A tail wind would have improved your GS, which is why at FL320 you would be going at that speed, but your IAS would still be between M0.78-M0.82!

High altitude winds are not modelled in IF so would be unrealistic also the other reason the 550kts Max rule came in is because of the short distances between airports in the regions in IF.


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@Sundaflyer nope I was on advanced

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