Making Aviation Connections.

Hello IFC, Recently I have noticed alot more student pilots in the IFC. Which is amazing. Today i am going to give some of my advice to make some aviation metors and freinds along the way. My first piece of advise is to make your self known at hte airport. During my training, I would go down there on random days just to see what was around and who I could talk too. Always being at the airport, served me well as I have great relatioships with the pilots there and they give share stories with me and give me advice. You also get to meet some very interesting people as well. My next piece of advice for you student pilots is that if you have social media, join groups for pilots. Most people will always be helpful of student pilots and want to do well just like them. I know for myself, I am a part of a facebook group called blue skies and a tailwind and some of my best freinds are from that page. Ive got a couple airline pilots that I see as mentors and that want me to do the best i can. Having these airline friends can help you in the long run and might possibly get you a job. Now of course, the airlines might not be for you so make sure you make friends with the corporate pilots as well there just as important. I recently met a pilot from my local university and he was interesting to talk with. At the end of the day, Aviation is made up of brothers and sisters and mostly everyone wants you to do good in aviation. Fill free to ask questions below! Hat Given to me by a Captain Freind IMG_3835


We have a great post so far for connections also: this has the link for schools also so if anyone is trying find information from some of our members check it here!

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