Making ATC better

Interested to know everyone’s opinions on how we could make in-game atc better, live chat through microphone would be an awesome feature, what’s yours?

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It has been said this will never be added because people will troll, say mean stuff…

But I’m sure there is a lot of small groups making this.


There are many Voice Oriented Virtual Organizations that give that service.

Just image airforceproud95’s trolling videos in IF…


although this might not be added in game, feel free to use external apps and services such as discord to communicate with fellow pilots.

Kids will be kids i say!!

Which is what I and many other IFC members do with our little group ;)

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I have used discord previously for Voice ATC. It’s a good experience and fun but you only need one person to ruin it.

How to make ATC better: ATC is already great in the sim in my opinion but it can always get better. In the future they can add more commands etc


It’s great yes, but a wider variety of options would be better.