Making an unofficial logo for Nonstop Virtual :)

Before restructuring I left NSV due to a lack of time. Before that, I was the video producer for 2 months. I was very sad to see @LuftyVirtual undergo restructuring, so I decided to provide them with a logo. I know they already have one, but that one still utilizes the old color scheme of Lufthansa. I wanted to give them one option for a new logo, if they ever decided to change their logo.

My basic idea was the world, surrounded by a ring to symbolize that they are nonstop all around the world. The color scheme differs from version to version between the old and the new one. All colors were taken off the Lufthansa color palette in Adobe Illustrator.

Here are the versions with the old color scheme:

The only difference between the first and the second one is the outline of the ring.

With the second color theme I adapted my logo idea to the official new logo of Lufthansa which looks like this (my drawing too):

After mixing both versions I came out with this:

The old color scheme in the text was kept due to better contrast to the background and other words.

Here are two pictures of only the text and the globe in a png version:

I hope I made clear that this is only an entry for NSV without them even making a competition. It’s not their official logo and just wanted to share my idea for another logo.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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Edit: Oh man… Seems like I have to come up with something better to satisfy you guys…


This would be something to discuss with the VA directly. Thanks!

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