Making Airports for the Challenger 350 Pt. 1: KTTA (Raleigh Executive Jetport)

Hey pilots! I have recently became a scenery editor and have started my first airport. That being said, I know that the CL35 will be coming in the newest update. So, since im new, and since the 350 flies to many GA airports, I figured to start a little series just for this. To start off, I chose a GA airport close to me that frequently has the CL35. That is KTTA. Here is the first set of progress after yesterday and todays work:

Ill try and post on here every weekend for an update! Stay tuned.


Congrats on joining the IFAET! Your airport looks great so far and I can’t wait to see more, all the best.

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Thanks man

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(Going to remove the grass -and possibly dirt- pavement section in the parking lot as a fellow editor helped me in realizing that they cannot be used for such purposes)

@AviatorKnight that is looking amazing 🤩! Can’t wait to Fly the new CL35 into your airport

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This looks really good - can’t wait to fly in/out of this airport once the CL35 is released.

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Hey there! I was the original editor for KTTA a few years back! (I made all of the 2D you started with). Glad to see the airport brought up to 3D!

That’s awesome!

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Yup! It got released 114 weeks ago (thanks ig stories 😂)

The good old World Editor (WED) days

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Wow, over 2 years ago. There’s definitely been a lot of changes since then, at least in updated satellite imagery, because I’ve had to add and adjust some taxiways and add a few hangars.

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5/17 Update
-Applied taxiway and runway lights for all needed areas
-Began to make the long stretch of hangars
-Finished all roads and parking lots, including props such as vehicles
-Added fences where needed
-Fuel station and tanks added
-Rearranged and fixed the details for spawn points as needed for hangar size, taxiway width, etc…

A lot of progress! If I continue at this rate, I’d say this would be ready in 2-3 or so weeks, but I do not want to rush it of course, especially it being my first airport. Depending on when 23.2 releases, this airport will either be in 23.2 or 23.3.

Promise me, that me and you will fly in or out of this airport? 🤙

Haha sure! Maybe we could organize a mini fly out in CL35s once it and this airport is released! Also, do you guys have any suggestions on what airport I should do next?

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KFRG, Is where most of the New York private traffic goes.

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And yes, the mini fly out would be a great idea :)

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Why did you say CL350?

Why, is it bad to abbreviate it?

What’s the problem, eh?

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It’s cl35, not cl350