Making a virtual Airline for IF

If anyone is interested in making a Mock airline with me, please let me know as I would like to make one as we we have no Virtual Airlines for IF,just FSX. Like i said, just send me a PM.

We have a lot of VAs. If you would like to start one as well, make a website for it using weebly or wix and use google forms. By the way, welcome to the forum!

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I don’t have live but would like to see someone make a Southwest Airlines Virtual.

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Thanks, Im currently making a Thomson one, once done, would u be interested to join

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Why not. As long as I get good pay ;)

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haha! well its nearly done as long as you have 737-800 or 757-200, your good

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There are a lot of VA’s, like TravelSky and it’s subsidiaries.

You can join hopper airways Hopper Airways VA- Now hiring!. I have no one besides me

Damn. I have neither.

There are lots of VAs for Infinite Flight, if you use the search function for " virtual airline" you will see lots of results. Ranging from professional looking ones with own websites, routes, pilot ranks to more free flowing ones. Certainly one will suit your style of flying.

Personally I was looking for one simular to a “FSX VA” and after a lot of researching I found that Qantas Vitual suited what I was looking for. Do your research and ask the questions!

Happy flying, see you in the skies!