Making a timelapse of a replay

I am trying to make a time lapse of my flight, but I don’t know how.


  • I need to make a time lapse of the replay of a flight
  • I can’t screen record the replay, since it is 10 hours long
  • I don’t know how to download the replay as a video
  • The software needs to be free

Could you help me please?


I know there were other topics like this, but none of the methods were of use to me.

Well then you are out of luck, the replay files are files of code rendered in a 3D space, so you can’t do this either.

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So is there no way to create a time lapse?

I think @Prashant_Divedi knows how it works. 😉

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By screen recording, that’s how you have to do the getting your initial video at least. Editing it is beyond me, but I’m assuming there are programs out there you are able to use.

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I think there is a way where you can connect your device with a computer or laptop and record from there. The recording should then be saved onto your computer. You could use I movie or something like that to turn it into a timelapse.

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